St Walstan & The Malt Loaf

It’s funny how as you get older - (and I’m another year older this month), how your internal tolerance level changes. We eat only an organic diet, we eat with the seasons and have baked all our own bread for the last seventeen years. We don’t buy cakes or any sweet stuffs, preferring to create … Continue reading St Walstan & The Malt Loaf

Saintly East Dereham

In Norfolk we are somewhat lacking in sacred springs and holy wells, but I made a short pilgrimage to one very site, just six miles away; practically on my doorstep!

A Druid’s Life

I'm Niki and I love all the simple things of life; spending lots of time outdoors, walking the land, treading in the footsteps of our ancients, being surrounded by nature, sensitively gardening and growing organic vegetables and flowers in our Norfolk cottage garden with a little help from my chickens.