Healing Animals through Sound Therapy

Over the period of a few weeks, Julie tried several relaxing CD's, but noticed their was one sound that both dogs responded particularly well too, in fact both dogs were out for the count and slept most of the time she was out! The music on this particular CD featured a variety of singing bowls. … Continue reading Healing Animals through Sound Therapy

In Search of a Holy Witch

It's a windy winter's day here in the Norfolk countryside, but since when has that stopped me going out and about, searching, seeking, often stumbling, but always finding. Today is no exception. I'm off in search of a Holy witch. I've actually located the site in question many times, but never in winter. My Druid … Continue reading In Search of a Holy Witch

A Druid’s Life

I'm Niki and I love all the simple things of life; spending lots of time outdoors, walking the land, treading in the footsteps of our ancients, being surrounded by nature, sensitively gardening and growing organic vegetables and flowers in our Norfolk cottage garden with a little help from my chickens.