Who you gonna call?

After performing hundreds of space cleanses as a couple over the years, the main thing that sticks out most in our minds is never to make assumptions.

Every cleanse is never the same, because the people who reside in each property are vastly different. We each have our own beliefs, lifestyle and live in totally different ways.

We received an email back in November after our details were passed on to the enquirer by a Gentleman whom we’d done a cleanse for back in the summer of 2017. For this recent request we were asked to help with an old, established property in Norfolk around 15 miles from where we live. The property in question was a beautiful early 18th century house in the middle of the countryside on the edge of the broads.

The owners were experiencing a disturbing issue inside their home that had come to affect the lives of the whole family, but as we all tend to do sometimes, they left ‘things’ to see if they could do anything about it themselves, so they waited to see if it would stop or lessen by itself. As you well know, problems don’t tend to go away useless you tackle them head on. To clarify this, if you have a water leak, you call a plumber and not leave the house to flood.

The problems they were experiencing hadn’t reduced or gone away, in fact they had worsened. The incidents were numerous and varied, ranging from doors closing or even slamming themselves shut, books being flung from bookcases and a distant telephone that could be heard ringing, along with household items being moved around. It culminated in both their children seeing a shadowy figure moving from room to room which resulted in very unhappy youngsters.

The house itself was situated along a quiet country lane, between two busy little towns. A Typically Norfolk house one might say, appealing from the outside with a few outbuildings.

Working as a couple doing release work gives us more scope and insight and maximizes our efforts. This particular cleanse was no different. Niki uses sound as a predominant banishing measure. Weighted tuning forks in varying frequencies, singing bowls in opposing keys and bija or seed mantras are used to liberate the space and banish energy forces that are impacting on the physical body of the occupants of the property. In addition, Druidic rattles along with the spoken word are used, after employing the Ikin dowser to determine the level of fractured space and the portal from where the energy is making its intrusion.

I (Louis) on the other hand work totally with spirit and its emanations. I use my innate intuition and forty years of wisdom in working with spiritual forces to connect with, release and remove the seat or core of residual disturbances. I do this with the help of one or more of my spirit guides. One being my mother, who was of pure Romany ancestry and part of the Loveridge family. Working in this way enables me to tap in to any ‘extra house guests’ that may be present.

The property owners were lovely people, quiet and unassuming, clearly wanting help themselves and their children and they proved to be very accommodating whilst we undertook the assignment. Tea and cake were offered but we waivered our right to eat cake until our summary session; ‘get clearing’ is our motto!

Niki went off with her ‘bag of tricks’ and immediately began doing her thing. I sensed a strong spirit within the very structure of the building, a previous tenant or occupant, a masculine energy, not evil just a very strong energetic force.

Through detection, wherever the adults were in the house, the spirit was elsewhere. If mum and dad were downstairs, the spiritual energy was upstairs. It almost seemed shy in their presence.  It did not mind the adults being there but rather wanted them to recognise that they (the residual energy) was there first.

However, its energetic strength was often over-powering and some activity was certainly unwanted. All the while we were there, we kept taking a break because there were fractures in energy and the displacement proved unsettling to the residents. On one occasion we witnessed one of their children being pushed in to a kitchen cupboard door with quite some force. Very upsetting for the parents and certainly terrifying for the child.

I concluded that the pushing incident, which had happened on many occasions and had even included an instance where the child had been dragged from her bed, was not an act of aggression but an action statement as if to say ‘I’m here, I’m tangible’. There was more to this but due to confidentiality I cannot go into this here.

Furthermore, the family heard a telephone ringing, but their actual phones made no noise. They explained to us that it was like the old-fashioned phones of the thirties and forties, its echoey sound emanating from another room.

Since relocating from Surrey nine months previously, their dog had become unsettled and seemed to be troubled. Veterinary tests concluded there was no physical condition causing the behaviour, but the dog could often be seen staring into corners, his head moving up the wall as if something were moving in his line of vision, he’d then let out a bark.

As we sat around the pine farmhouse table drinking our cups of tea at our summary stage, all six of us looked over towards an uneven part of the quarry tiled floor. Every one of us saw what can only be described as a black smoky shadow rise upwards and out of the kitchen air vent. We looked at one another in silence, but with faces of surprise because each of us were sharing this astonishing moment together. Almost instantly we were experiencing an energy shift, and it wasn’t me as I’d eaten two pieces of Victoria sponge! It was indeed the heavy vibration that had formed such an impact on the lives of this family for almost a year.

We’d completed yet another successful cleanse and there was another outcome, but as with all our assignments, the results are kept confidential to protect our clients.

After suggesting they make some additional earthly energetic changes in support of our work, we contacted the family three weeks later with our report summary and follow up.

Our clients have agreed to allow us to use this account on our website in the hope that others will know they are not alone to deal with such issues and personal darkness, we’re here to help.

A few weeks have passed since this cleanse and we received the following feedback last Friday:

“We didn’t know what to expect, but after seeing our children refusing to sleep in their own bedroom, we knew we had to engage some professional help. As a natural sceptic I wasn’t entering in to this with an open mind, however after just a few days we are confident that a positive change occurred. Its been a few weeks now since the cleanse and we’re feeling so much better in ourselves, the air is lifted and the children will now venture upstairs alone, we all feel like we can breathe again. Much gratitude to both you and Niki.”

Whether you’re moving into a new property, have suffered divorce, ill health depression or feelings you’re not alone, or are seeking fresh energy for a new project or beginning, our Space cleansing assignments start at Just £55. Please email: norfolkorganics@outlook.com

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