Healing Animals through Sound Therapy

Over the period of a few weeks, Julie tried several relaxing CD’s, but noticed their was one sound that both dogs responded particularly well too, in fact both dogs were out for the count and slept most of the time she was out! The music on this particular CD featured a variety of singing bowls.

When we initially spoke on the phone, Julie told me she wanted to deepen her connection to the two dogs as they brought so much light in to her life following two recent family bereavements. However, she was unsure if she wanted to try animal Reiki, healing, or animal communication to help with this connection. It was then that I suggested maybe she’d like to try a sound therapy session for herself and the dogs.

I qualified as a sound therapist around three years ago and although I offer sound therapy to humans and at the relaxation classes I teach, rarely had I used sound therapy for dogs, except of course with my own canine companion who adores singing bowls, ting sha, mantras and chanting.

The sound therapy animal healing session took an hour and fifteen minutes and each of us were totally blown away at the connective energy in the room. Julie lay on the floor and one of her dogs lay with his head resting on her shoulder and the other lay with her head over the opposite ankle in a most unique alignment.

The vibrations were not only powerful throughout the session – (which was performed in candlelight), but when I switched on the main light switch afterwards, the bulb blew. Julie then switched on a side lamp so we’d at least have some light and this blew too!

Did someone mention vibration?

Here’s me at home before the session ‘warming up’ with a test bowl. https://youtu.be/-2W2Wk4RSKUy

Leave me comments below of your experiences with sound therapy and your animals.

2 thoughts on “Healing Animals through Sound Therapy

  1. Mary says:

    My Boomba loved sound therapy. He would lie down and sleep straight away. Sometimes on the therapy couch or beside bowls or sometimes in among them. When he was ill at certain times there were also specific sounds he liked the deep ness of the gong and the lightness if the koshi chimes. (2 and 3 in the morning ) 😴At times to settle him he liked the koshi chimes to help him sleep. When his physical body left the house he requested I play the morganite Alchemy bowl to release his soul this is an accelerator bowl and it sings straight away it took over ten minutes to sound that evening. Loved sound and crystals x


  2. Sandra Ball says:

    I enjoyed this sound therapy my dogs like the sound of my Tibetan bell but the Dalmatian i look after physically shakes when I pick up the bell even though it’s silent she gets really upset ..


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