Cats! Cats! Bobby & Tippy

Earlier this month it was my birthday. I have a Facebook account, so decided to do a Facebook fundraiser for a worthy charity.

Venture Farm is a shelter dedicated to rescuing and rehoming needy cats. Some cats are unable to be rehomed due to behavioural or other issues. One such cat is Willow, a pure black feral beauty who we sponsor by monthly standing order. Willow is a pure feral and is extremely nervous, but he also has FIV. With this in mind he’d need to be an indoor cat and his temperament doesn’t lean towards this being an option.

Another reason I chose this charity to receive the fundraiser is because for five months – Nov-March, we fed a TNR feral cat who’d somehow found his way to our barn one cold, November night in 2014.

TNR means ‘trap, neuter, return’. This cat, whom I’d named ‘Tippy’ was from a feral colony as he has his ear tip snipped. Vets do this to identity that a cat has been neutered so as not to put them through the trauma of being trapped a second time.

Tippy is a tuxedo cat and would bolt over the fence every time I went out to leave food. Half an hour later I’d sneakily watch him scoff the lot from behind the curtains. He must have been starving because on two occasions I saw him eating seed I’d put out for the birds. I cried.

It took vast amounts of patience and daily dedication to coax Tippy to come near to me. I had no choice but to persevere as I saw he had a huge tumour on his foot and was struggling to walk.

I’ll never forget the night I threw a blanket over him and literally launched him into a dog crate so I could get him to the vet for the cancer to be removed.

Unbelievably, £630 later and a lot of understanding and compassion and this cat is now my soul mate and a truly loving indoor cat. He’s also cancer free and the most handsome boy ever!

Anyway, in the initial stages of rescuing Tippy, I’d telephoned a total cat of five charities for assistance with his rescue and rehabilitation. Not a single one returned my call. They included the RSPCA, The Blue Cross and Cats Protection. I subsequently withdrew my support of the Blue Cross and Cats Protection.

They didn’t offer us financial assistance in relation to the large vets bill, but Venture Farm said that if Tippy proved FIV positive then they’d take him in.

Unbelievably for a true feral tom cat he was FIV negative. How thankful am I for my plan of slow integration, of healing, and of allowing Tippy to set the pace of his rehabilitation to life as an indoor, domestic cat, because he’s loved and cherished and I feel lucky that he chose me to become his Mum.

Back to the fundraiser – In just a few days I’d raised £152 for Venture Farm and one of my friends even sent the charity a brand new mop from their Amazon Wishlist!

Here is myself with Jenny, a volunteer along with Bobby, a very handsome lifetime resident. Apparently he cannot be rehomed because ‘he has issues’ – don’t we all?….

Do you have a treasured cat? I’d like to hear about them. Leave me a comment below.

If you’d like to see what great work this charity does, or make a donation, then please click the link below.

Venture Farm

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