A Mermaid’s Birthday

I’m another year older today. Wiser? Who knows!

But I’m in search of a local mermaid and thankfully I discovered her this morning.

My husband and I are letting the wind do it’s job and cleanse us of cobwebs, as we’re up on a blustery coastline in north Norfolk. As I write this we’re enjoying a car picnic and flask tea overlooking the sea through an archway on to the beach.

There’s a latin ditty attached to Sheringham which is “The sea enriches and the pine adorns”. There’s also an old legend of a mermaid making her way inland after hearing the choir at the church. I suspect that’s akin to the Mermaid of Zennor in Cornwall, but I tell the tale of the siren of Sheringham in the video below, as I read the accompanying written script that’s hung beside the carving on the end of a pew in Upper Sheringham church.

I’ve not one single water sign placement in my astrological chart. I’m all earth and fire, yet if I don’t get to the beach at least once every five to six weeks I become positively listless. In Norfolk we’re lucky people because anywhere you choose to live in the county, you’re never more than an hour away from a North, East or West coastline. I’m originally from Yorkshire and we were two hours from the East coast, I think I’d have a panic attack if this were the case now.

As we arrived at Upper Sheringham church, there was a church sign expressing dogs were not welcome. Our dog comes everywhere with us and anyway, I thought God was welcoming to all?…

I surely can understand their aversion to people who allow their dogs to defecate in the vicinity, but a pack of poop bags in the porch way may be a gesture. The area is beautiful so I think that fowling dogs and their uncaring owners will be in the minority.

We entered the church and I instantly saw the Mermaid, perched happily on a pew near the door.

I spent a few moments with the sea maiden in silence, almost like in meditation, and I rested my hand upon her.

Her legend is nicely written underneath where she resides, which is a lovely touch. I’ve recorded it below. I’m Yorkshire born and bred, my ye olde Norfolk accent is, as you will see, quite appalling 😉.

It’s a fascinating story for anyone, like myself who has one foot upon the earth and the other in the sea.

A Druid’s Life

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