A Druid’s Life

Welcome to A Druid’s Life.

Join me on an experiential journey on my sacred Druidic path as I unveil my passionate relationship with the Earth.

A Druid’s Life will show you how to connect with our native British plants and trees, ancient folklore, herbalism, sacred and holy sites, and understand Earth energy and it’s wisdom to bring about personal alchemy, change and transformation. Throughout this journey you will also become familiar with the Earth’s cycles, ceremony and ritual and learn about my connection with the animal kingdom which has brought me great healing and enlightenment. My aim through this sacred journal is to guide you in re-connecting with your ancient (and possibly undiscovered) soul, to bring you balance and fulfilment in your life.

About me

I’m Niki and I love all the simple things of life; spending lots of time outdoors, walking the land, treading in the footsteps of our ancients, being surrounded by nature, sensitively gardening and growing organic vegetables and flowers in our Norfolk cottage garden with a little help from my chickens.

I also love being at home with my musician husband ‘Dr Jackdaw’ who’s also a herbalist and cooks great nutritious, organic food. Together we create cakes, herbal medicines, skin care and even our own cleaning products.

Treading Lightly

We are each passionate about our planet, being non-consumeristic and we tread as lightly as we can, using no man-made chemicals, or eating anything which hasn’t been created and cooked from scratch in our kitchen. Preferring to shop locally and organically, we are also vegetarian and we recycle, and make as many every day things as we can, that regular people purchase from shops. We choose not to have a television or radio.

My Jobs

My life is hectic as I have three professional roles: I am an animal therapy lecturer and practitioner and in 2016, after graduating as a Master Herbalist, I founded Norfolk Organics, a unique skin care and wellness company producing over 50 organic wellbeing products for body, mind and spirit. With the above in mind I am currently re-learning how to be present, to sit and be still, to absorb the quiet medicine and teachings of my natural surroundings, the trees and the Earth, and absorb nature’s seasonal beauty as it unfolds around me.

My Book

This brings me on to my third role. I have enjoyed recent international publication (Dec 2018) of my first book that I wrote over a period of six years. The publisher is Llewellyn Worldwide and the book title is Animal Healing – Hands On Holistic Techniques. Signed copies are available from myself or from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. My third professional role is a freelance feature writer for three international magazines; Pagan Dawn – (health and wellbeing column), Making Soap & Cosmetics Magazines – (chemist’s corner) & Llewellyn Journal – (animal therapy).

Dr Jackdaw

In addition to myself, Dr Jackdaw who has deep rooted Romany ancestry and is the nephew of the famous Witch Patricia Crowther, will be joining me throughout A Druid’s Life and will be contributing his wealth of knowledge in folklore, witchcraft, herblore, familiars, divination, charmers, cunning people and wise-folk. You can also find Dr Jackdaw at his page ‘Folk Medicine’ on Facebook.

Let us join hands as we walk this magical and wondrous path of a life well worth living.

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